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<Reporting by Staff> Unlocking Business Opportunities: Seminar Highlights Oman’s Potential

On a chilly February 27th, 2024, The Global Agenda assumed a leading role at the Oman Embassy in Hiroo, Tokyo, graciously supported by the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Tokyo, Japan.  


 ​​ ​​

The seminar aimed at uncovering the exciting array of business opportunities flourishing within Oman’s borders. Despite the weather's bite, the venue was graced by the presence of around 50 participants, small and medium-sized business owners from various industries, government officials, and investors gathered, driven by their shared curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as attendees settled in, eager to discover the treasures Oman had in store.

(Presented by H.E. Ambassador. Dr. Mohammed Said Al Busaidi of Oman)

Kicking off the event, H.E. Ambassador. Dr. Mohammed Said Al Busaidi of Oman led the charge, weaving a captivating narrative of Oman’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and burgeoning business landscape. With anecdotes spanning over 400 years, he painted a vivid picture of the enduring friendship between Oman and Japan, serving as a testament to the deep-rooted bonds between the two nations. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Al Busaidi also highlighted Oman’s prime location, which serves as a gateway to bustling markets across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Not forgetting to applaud the remarkable strides made by Omani women, he showcased government initiatives aimed at empowering them, ensuring equal access to education and opportunities for political participation.

(Presented by Mr. Yosuke Yokota, President of Nu)

The spotlight then shifted to two esteemed companies, each proudly presenting their products and sharing stories of their fruitful partnerships within Oman. Their presentations not only underscored Oman’s vast potential for business growth and investment but also echoed the nation’s collaborative spirit in fostering economic prosperity.

(Presented by Miki Oikawa, CEO of the International Association for the Global Agenda)

In the final leg of the seminar, Miki Oikawa, representative of the International Association for the Global Agenda, took the stage, Amidst discussions of the 50th anniversary of Japan-Oman diplomatic relations,  sharing valuable insights into the organization’s mission. With warmth and enthusiasm, she outlined Global Agenda’s commitment to supporting businesses venturing into Oman, offering a helping hand with cultural understanding and strategic guidance along the way. 

Afterward, attendees enjoyed a relaxed socializing session over traditional Arabic coffee and dried dates, immersed in the ambiance of the seminar hall adorned with elegant Arabic carpets and twinkling chandeliers. The aroma of frankincense lingered in the air, transporting everyone to the heart of Oman's vibrant culture.

Through this enchanting seminar, attendees not only deepened their understanding of Oman but also expressed a newfound desire to explore its beauty firsthand. It left attendees with a newfound appreciation for Oman’s hidden gems and a sense of excitement about the possibilities that lay ahead. It was more than just an event—it felt like a warm invitation to discover Oman's vibrant business landscape and forge lasting connections. As laughter filled the air and bonds formed, the future looked bright for Oman's growing business community.

Global Agenda’s mission is fueled by a heartfelt desire to bridge the cultural gap between Japan and Oman. We firmly believe that through mutual understanding and collaboration, we can cultivate a landscape of peace and prosperity across the Middle East. As we extend our support to Japanese companies venturing into Oman, we envision a future where bonds of friendship flourish, aspirations soar, and nations stand together in triumph. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow, one partnership at a time. (Reported by Lee Kaeun)

【Survey Results by Participants】

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